The Come Up: Our Best Tips On How To Lose Fat

Fat loss is a process which differs in its intricacies between people however there are some general tips which anyone who wants to embark on the fat loss journey can tap into. 

Foremost, it should be noted that it is a process and therefore will take time, commitment and heart but it would be a process made easier if you do some of the following:

  • Drink plenty of water. It sounds simple but increasing your water intake, by say 100%, following the decision to lose fat will be pretty difficult and probably require some reminders. However, the rewards of increasing water intake are profound, they will decrease cravings, improve performance and energy levels. 
  • Have a calorie deficit. This is extremely important as to lose weight you MUST be in a caloric deficit - this means consume less and increase activity. Fat burners, abdominal workouts and supplements will not do anything if you are in a caloric surplus.
  • Integrate the new diet progressively. A drastic switch to a completely new diet will probably do more harm than good as it may not prove sustainable and the psychological impact it could have could be profound in making you think that you CAN’T do it.
  • Increase Non-exercise physical activity. These actions include things such as walking, cleaning and even cooking. They account for 25-50% of your daily energy expenditure so increasing this is crucial as it will help the fat loss journey and not feel like an alien burden when doing so as exercising for a novice may be. 
  • Have a fat loss plan. At Gainergang we love talking about how crucial the plan is to progress and this is the same for the fat loss journey. If you have a plan, a vision then your actions have a purpose and then your reason for your actions will go beyond motivation and there will be a rational substance behind it for yourself which more often than not will ensure that you win the psychological battle.