Uni & The Gains: A How To Guide



In order to reach your fitness goals and your academic goals simultaneously the fundamental thing you need is simply consistency. We'll be taking you through the essentials that are required for you to reach your fitness goals whilst studying for your degree. These tips can help you in both spheres - The academic and the fitness. Gainers take note, these could help you change your game.. 

Meal prep for the week on Sunday

Plan your workouts for the week I.e. Have a personalised programme - this doesn't have to be anything fancy or complicated. For example, 'Monday is push-day, Tuesday is cardio' etc.

Plan your workouts around your lectures - If you have a workout timetable, which most students do, then you ought to plan your workouts around your lectures in order to be organised and make sure that you don't compromise on either your fitness goals or academic goals.

Get sufficient sleep

Avoid overnight/late night work - arguably inevitable, but they can be avoided most of the time if planning is taken seriously

Avoid eating out - cooking for yourself is the best way to track your macros (if that's your thing) and know what's going into your body

Do cardio - Not necessarily for the gains per se but rather because cardio will ease any termly stress in the same way training does.