The Come Up: How To Stay Consistent


A lack of consistency is perhaps the one of the greatest impediments to progress concerning any endeavour yet alone working out but consistency is often cited as the secret to success by the best powerlifters, bodybuilders and major athletes - So why do we find it hard to stay consistent? Well, the truth is that a lack of consistency is more of a psychological barrier which needs to be overcome if you are to be serious about meeting your fitness goals but there are steps which you can take right now to become consistent and disciplined in your approach to working out. 

With reference to fitness consistency involves setting a plan and sticking to it. A key principle which must be remembered in any form of fitness is that nutrition, recovery and training all require equal effort to optimise results. With that being said, the plan should include a set number of training sessions per week, involving a variety of different exercises to ensure each muscle group is trained adequately at least once a week. Next is nutrition. Each of us vary and therefore your fitness goal will determine your optimal calorie and macro nutrition intake. Once your daily consumption has been calculated or roughly estimated then you can begin to formulate meals in accordance with your food preferences and recommended macro nutrition goals - Ensure that you create a meal schedule around their daily activities as by doing this you are more likely to remain consistent and disciplined as fitness is becoming part of your lifestyle. A bespoke meal schedule is additionally crucial as such meals help to fuel your training and aid your recovery optimisation. 

Lastly, you should aim for at least 8 hours of sleep per day as this allows the body to fully recover and rejuvenate energy levels to tackle the next day. Now anyone can carry out what they say and pursue their goals when they feel motivated, however motivation is a momentary feeling and once people lose their motivation, which is very easily lost when tired, they are susceptible to slacking on their regimen and ending up back to where they started thereby experiencing reversibility of any progress they have made. What separates a powerful person from an average Joe is when they remain disciplined and stick to their plan no matter how unmotivated or what excuses may lie Infront of them. Always remember your why, what was the reason you started your fitness journey, in times of weakness and excuses ask yourself why. 

You didn’t come this far just to get this far. Be powerful, be in control and you make it happen. More often than most, once you begin to see results you will fall in love with the grind and the process. It takes 3 weeks of doing something consistently to form a habit. Make the hustle a part of your life, something you do daily. Everyday putting in work, taking small steps towards your goal. Stay consistent, fall in love with the process, and before you know it these small steps will amount to greatness.