The Come Up: Top 10 food swaps to be made to achieve a better physique

The food which we consume is crucial especially if we want a more aesthetic physique characterized by increasingly defined abs or if we desire to lose weight. 

Therefore, food swaps - the action of substituting what we currently eat typically with that which is a more macro-friendly alternative, is crucial. Below contains our top 10 recommended food-swaps for gainers to consider for the sake of physically improving. We’ve tried to make these as like-for-like as possible. They include:

  • Cheese for vegan cheese  
  • Ice cream or Non-dairy ice cream
  • Eggs for Flaxseed egg
  • Maple syrup for Agave or 0 cal syrup 
  • Milk chocolate for High cocoa dark Chocolate 
  • Fizzy drinks for Still flavoured water 
  • Peanut butter for 100% peanut, peanut butter
  • Butter for non dairy spread 
  • White bread for brown bread
  • Flavoured instant porridge for Scottish oats 

Aside from swaps, some effective eradications which need to be made from the diet if they are a frequent feature in yours include highly processed foods, sugary treats, pizzas, fried foods and sweetened breakfast cereals. 

We say ‘effective’ because it will be necessary to have a detox from such foods if they form a large part of your diet - However, with that being said they are fine if they are had in moderation and how much you eat depends on what exactly moderation means to the individual but the intake should be infrequent.