The Come Up: How To Get Into Weight Training

Many people desire to get into weight training but they don’t know how or where to start so we’ve compiled a short page of tips from our personal trainer to set you on your way to gaining in the sense of weight training and hopefully to stay on track thereafter. 

Tip 1: Find a purpose. Find a ‘why’ for going to the gym, it can be as simple as ‘to become healthy’ or even ‘to impress girls’. Giving gym a reason can be vital especially when motivation levels drop, whatever the reason is, it will help you stay consistent. Even advanced lifters get days where they question why they go to the gym.

Tip 2. Make it fun. Going to the gym doesn't have to feel like a chore. Try to set yourself goals, records and times which you can beat. This will help you gather momentum leading you on a path of constant self development and growth.

Tip 3. Be Confident. If you are nervous, remember that the fitness community is generally warm and aspirational, hence everyone's reason for being at the gym or training in the first place. This, alongside the recognition that even the biggest guy in the gym was once skinny or overweight should help you. The majority of the people respect the grind. No one will judge you on how you look on your first day or how much you bench press.

Tip 4. Get an idea and get ready to learn. This is crucial if you’re serious about getting into training.  Watching videos on youtube which explain form or the basic anatomy of the body and this can be extremely helpful in building up confidence and in your understanding of workouts. This will minimise mistakes, improve the gains and perhaps even avoid needless injury. 

Tip 5. The plan. You don't want to enter the gym and feel lost. You don't have to design a program or pay anyone for a program, there are plenty of beginner splits/routines which you can follow on youtube and plenty of people on social media platforms who would be more than happy to make you a plan for free or share their personal one. Stick to a plan and track your progress throughout. The process requires a plan.