The Come Up: How To Gain As A Teenager

There is no magic formula to gaining young as the pace at which each person gains depends on a number of factors, some of which biological and others are not so. Yet, there are steps which a young person can take in order to see improvements whilst in their earlier years. Gaining when you’re a teenager is based on consistency and lifestyle choices. Namely they include: 

  • Cooking - Try to cook for yourself as this is the most ideal way in which you can track macros or count calories. Other than being a basic life skill it is sometimes overlooked that cooking and what you consume and knowing what it is is an essential gaining factor. 

  • Calorie surplus - Eat more than usual if you are struggling to put on mass. You may believe that you eat a lot but in reality you most probably do not.Therefore, eating more is essential. The more you eat, the more energy you have, the heavier you lift, the more you gain. 

  • Protein intake - Make sure you’re hitting a decent amount of protein everyday. Whey protein shakes can help a lot especially when you’re at school for a long time and can't get proper meals in.

  • Prepping - You don’t have to prep for a whole week like pro bodybuilders but making some food the day before to take with you to school can make a big change in your gains. That one extra meal might just make the difference and forgetting that meal could be another setback and day wasted.

As mentioned, there is no magic formula but the most effective things you could do as a young person is to stay consistent in the gym and consistent in all your lifestyle approaches which essentially means implementing these steps to the best of your ability. The process brings the progress - Don’t hold back.