Top 10 Bassline Tunes For Working out

 Mind Control - Chris Lorenzo, Taiki Nulight

  • A progressive and upbeat UK Bass song ideal for working out to. The steady beat which eases you into the song makes it ideal for the warm-up and first rep combination setting the tone for you to smash your workout.


Easy - Sammy Virj

  • A classic new-school UK Garage tune with an unforgettable melody and catchy vocal chorus. Flair and focus are the best ways to describe this song and this will show if you hit reps to this one for sure.


Molly - Data 3

  • This motivational liquid drum and bass tune is perfect for working out due to its high tempo and upbeat drum pattern. This plugged in mid- run and you’ll be sure to smash it!


Spice Up My Life - Sammy Virji (ft. Paige Eliza)

  • A melodic and catchy garage tune with a consistent and driving drum pattern. Ideal for HIIT and anything requiring an outburst of energy. Bassline listeners, you won’t be disappointed with this one.


Tropical - SL (Napes Bootleg) 

  • A remix of the classic UK rap song, making it familiar but with a drum and bass spin, increasing the tempo. This makes it ideal to work out with elements of jungle thrown in too.


Back To Basics - Headie One & Skepta (Floating Points Remix)

  • A well known rap tune with a dance-style twist making it impossible to sit still while listening to this anthem. Recharge for the next set whilst cooling off in-between reps and go harder after listening to this.


U Need More - Cityzen


Gecko (Overdrive) - Oliver Heldens & Becky Hill


Find My Way Home - Sammy Virji (Nectax Remix)

  • A drum and bass remix of a classic Sammy Virji garage tune, with elements of modern jungle and a powerful bass line. Looking for an external energy source? This could be your best bet.


Cool Today - Prescribe Da Vibe (MPH Remix)