Gainertunes: The Top 10 UK Rap Tunes For Working Out

Our checklist for the ideal gym tune as follows:

  • Catchy
  • Intense and relaxing 
  • Hype 

BBK - Athlete:

As the title ‘Athlete’ suggests, this tune is ideal for working out and getting your heartrate up. With BBK’s typical grime style beat and upbeat rap delivery, it is impossible to sit still and not go hard when playing this anthem.

Abra Cadabra – Cadabra Freestyle:

This UK drill song is perfect for a gym session, with the use of unpredictable, syncopated rhythms in the beat and the half time relaxed flow of Abra Cadabra. In addition, AB’s cold distinctive voice puts you in a unique mood which only a working out environment can match.

JME & Big Zuu – Dem Man Are Dead:

The catchy and repetitive chorus of this tune makes it a great tune to workout to; keeping with the theme of UK grime, JME’s effortless triplet flow emphasizes the motivational nature of the song. Zuu’s introduction catches the vibe of the instrumental perfectly and increases the tempo of the tune making it the perfect vibe to the ears mid-set ensuring that you keep up the sharpness and energy you had from the first set of your workout.

Pa Salieu – Frontline:

The minimal style of this UK rap beat allows Salieu’s bars and catchy phrases to stand out, while the consistent low frequency 808 bass is perfect for completing a long set of reps to.

Jaykae – Toothache:

This classic, Birmingham grime tune has a motivational beat paired with the quick double-time flow of Jaykae, making it a memorable and uplifting song for a gym playlist.We suggest you try starting a rep to the drop of this tune and watch what happens next.

Lethal Bizzle- Rari WorkOut ft. JME & Tempa T:

The polyphonic nature of this song makes it ideal for a gym workout (as the title even mentions). Even the music video of this song is based in a gym, demonstrating how well suited it is to the environment of exercise.

Fredo – Trapspot

As one of Fredo’s older tunes, this song contains the well-known combination of a piano-based beat with a half-time, catchy flow. The syncopated hi-hat and snare patterns also make for a provocative and inspiring addition to the playlist.

M1llionz – B1llionz:

As an interesting fusion between Oldskool Garage and UK Drill, this tune brings together the catchy melodic motif from the sample and the structured motivational bars from rapper M1llionz. This combination is ideal for doing exercise as there is both a melodic and rhythmic element to the song.

Abra Cadabra ft. Krept & Konan - Robbery Remix:

With another addition from UK drill scene dominators, Abra Cadabra, Krept and Konan, this tune makes use of AB’s distinctive deep intonation in the delivery of his bars, and the signature ‘booming’ 808 bass. With over 22 million plays, many young people will be familiar with the memorable chorus of this tune causing it to be a good tune when working out with friends.

Tempa T – Next Hype

This old but gold UK anthem features aggressive double tracked vocals with perhaps even more aggressive yet cold, well-timed and comical lyrics making it upbeat, energetic, catchy, motivational but relaxing and as you’d expect,hype. Next Hype is our number 1 pick for the tune you ought to take in during your next workout.