Behind The Collection: Exordium By Gainergang & FAQs


The Gainergang Exordium Collection is the first of many. Characterized by class, quality, thought and comfort, the Exordium Collection typifies how we approach clothing design. 

Engineered to enhance performance, the clothes in the collection have been in the works for approximately 2 years and have gone through numerous adjustment and re-adjustment processes to ensure that they are crafted from the smallest to the largest detail to do what we stand for - Facilitate your performance as you Aim,Train and Gain. 

The term ‘Exordium’ conventionally refers to the introduction of a term of a treatise, that is ground-breaking works that have been written that have themselves shaped history. This captures the vision of the collection and the brand more wider, Gainergang seeks to re-shape the activewear industry and provide gainers with the garments that enhance and recognise their efforts. 

The Exordium Collection is therefore the first step in the journey ahead, be sure to get involved and join the community - The Exordium of our story is just getting started.



When does the training plan arrive in my inbox? - If you buy our all inclusive elite training plans directly from our store then they will be sent immediately to your inbox. If you spend over £50 on an order and receive one of our gifted essentials training plans then they will be sent upon your product being dispatched. 


What products are in the collection? - There are a range of upcoming products that will be added to the Exordium collection and they will feature a variety of new products and new lines will accompany new releases! 


What is the sizing like? - The sizing for our garments are 'standard' in that they do not differ to what you sizes you wear for your other brands


When will I receive my product? - All things considered, including minor delays, your product will typically be with you within 7 working days. 


What makes the collection standout?  - The close care, design technology and quality of fabrics all make your Gainergang product truly special. We follow a process of rigorous define, redefine and refine with our clothing. 



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